ETEA Wildlife Watcher MCQS Past Papers Test Preparation pdf


ETEA Wildlife Watcher  Test Will be MCQS Type Conists of General Knowledge, English, Pak Studies, Islamic Studies, Biology, Chemistry Matric Level.

Pakistan Studies

Who started the Faraizi Movement?  Haji Shariat Ullah

The ‘Kashaf-ul-Mahjub’ was written by? Hazrat Data Gunj Buksh

K-2 is Also Known As? Godwin Austin

Who was the first President of Pakistan? Iskander Mirza

Defence day is observed on? 6th September

Who was the first Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Army? Gen. Frank Meservy

In which year was OIC founded? 1969

Masjid Mahabat Khan is located in _______ ? Peshawar

The Nehru Report was published in? August 1928

The longest river in Pakistan is ? Indus


Islamic Studies

Fasting was made obligatory in? 10th Shaban,2 A.H

Hazrat Umer was Caliph for__________Years? 10 years

Surah Baqarah contains ________verses? 286

The name of the sixth Kalimah is______________?Kalimah Radd-i-Kufar

The first Ashra of Ramazan is called ______? Ashra-e-Rehmat

Which Prophet invented ‘Soap’? Prophet Saleh (A.S)

Who Translated Holy Quran in Persian? Shah Wali Ullah

Which Sura is called the heart of Holy Qur’an? Yaseen

Which is seven month of Islamic Calendar? Rajab

Masjid-e-Khief is located in:_________? Minna