CSS Suggested Books for Chemistry Botany Zoology

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1Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 3rd Ed.Cotton, F.A. and Wilkinson Groffrey
2Inorganic Chemistry, 3rd Ed. 1983Hukeavy, James E.
3Physical Chemistry 3rd Ed.Barrow, Gardon M.
4Physical Chemistry 5th Ed.Moore, Walter J.
5University ChemistryMahan, B.H.
6Introduction to Organic Chemistry 2nd Ed.Streitwieser, A. Jr.
7Mechanism & Structure in Organic ChemistryGould, Edwards
8Organic Chemistry 2nd Ed.Morrison, Robert Thornton & Boyd R.N.



1An Introduction to Plant DiseasesWheeler, B.E.J.
An Introduction to Plant AnatomyEames, A.G. & Mc. Daniels, L.H.
An Introduction to Embryology of AngiospermsMaheshveri
Plant Taxonomy and BiosystematicsClive, A. Stace
The Biology of the Algae (2/e)Round, F.E.
The Structure and Life of BryophytesWatson, E.V.
The Morphology of PteridophytesSporne, K.R.
The Morphology of GymnospermsSporne, K.R.
CytologyWilson, G.B. & Morrison J.H.
Diagnosis & Improvement of Saline & Alkali SoilsRichards, L.A. (ed)
Plant Physiology (2/e)Frank, B. Salisbury & Cleon W. Ross
Plant & the EcosystemBillings, W.D.
Principles of GeneticsGardner, E.J.
Morphology of PlantsBold, Harold, C.
Introduction to FungiWebster, J.
Plant growth and developmentLeopold, A.C. & Kriedmann, P.E
Terrestrial Plant EcologyBarbour, M.G. & Bark, J.H. Titts, W.D.



1A Text Book of Zoology (Invertibrate)Parker and Haswell
2Comprative Anatomy of the vertebatesGeorge C.kent
3Invertebrate ZoologyHegner and Engemann
4Cell structure and Functuion(Eighth)Loewy and siekevitz
5Cell and Molecular Biolohgy(Eighth Edition)De-Robbertis.E.O.D.& De-Robertis.EMF.
6Fundamentlas of EcologyOdum
7Principles of GeneticsStrickberger
8Introduction to  EvolutionMoody
9Modern GeneticsAyala.F.J.and kiger.J.A.Jr.
10Text Book of Medical PhysiologyGuyot.W.B
11Moleculr Biology of GeneWatson.J.D.


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