Big Holy Places in world

General Knowledge Encyclopedia
  • The Holy Land—a collective name for Israel, Jordan, and Egypt—is a place of pilgrimage for Muslims, Jews, and Christians.
  • The Ganges River in India is sacred to Hindus. They drink its water, bathe in it, and scatter the ashes of their dead in it.
  • Mount Fuji, in Japan, is sacred to the Buddhist and Shinto religions.
  • The Black Hills of South Dakota are a holy place for some Native American people, who travel there in quest of a vision, a moment of peace and oneness with the universe. Vision quests last four days and four nights.
  • Mount Fai Shan is China’s sacred mountain. It is thought to be a center of living energy—a holy place for Taoists and Buddhists.
  • The Sacred Mosque in MeccaSaudi Arabia, is sacred to Muslims. Muslims around the world face in the direction of Mecca five times a day to pray.
  • Lourdes, France, is the home of a Roman Catholic shrine where the Virgin Mary was said to appear to St. Bernadette.
  • Kairouan, Tunisia, became one of Islam’s holy cities when, according to legend, a spring opened up at the feet of a holy leader, revealing a golden chalice last seen in Mecca.